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Hi I’m Sean!

I have been on a journey of health since my early 20’s inspired by what it means to be a healthy, strong and loving human. In this time I have completed many years of intern and study, which has led me to become a practitioner in Osteopathy, Remedial Massage and a holistic form of personal training and movement. I enjoy moving and strengthening my body, surfing and snowboarding, spending time in nature, cooking and eating nourishing food and most of all sending time with my family.

My goal as a therapist and coach is to guide you into a better, pain free, healthier body, which I hope may result in a significant improvement to your quality of life.



What is an Osteopath?

Osteopaths diagnose and treat issues with muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints to help the body to heal.  Treatment involves gentle manual techniques, which eases pain, reduces swelling and improves mobility. Osteopaths also offer you personal advice on strengthening, mobility/ flexibility exercises, posture, work ergonomics and lifestyle modifications such as diet and stress management. 

Osteopaths are government registered health professionals with a minimum of five years full time university study and recognised by AHPRA.


What is Holistic Personal Training?

Every-body is different whether it is rehabilitating from an old or new injury, athletic performance in your chosen field or just having a flexible, strong and pain free body to pick up the grand kids. That is why we need a holistic approach to movement.

I like to take the approach of… “train don’t drain” – Paul Chek  

The approach l take comes from study of many thought leaders in the field of exercise, fitness and strength. I utilise different tools such as dumbells, cable machine, swiss balls and gymnastic rings to program sessions.

To begin, I perform a complete comprehensive assessment on each client, to gather all the information, which then goes into creating a holistic training program tailored to the specific needs or desired outcomes of the client.

Sessions can be done with me in studio or complete your programs at home or local gym.

Contact me:
E. sean.killeen.health@gmail.com
M. 0432 114 828


Holistic Health by Sean – Osteopathy & Personal Training

23 Longboard Street, Lennox Head NSW 2478

E. sean.killeen.health@gmail.com

M. 0432 114 828

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